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We rely on our translators and trust their skills and experience. However, translator of any level can make human errors. If the deadline is tight, the translation may have stylistic imperfections. For this reason, QA plays an important role in delivering precise translations while continuously improving the overall quality.

Skills and experience of our translators

  • We use a multilevel system to select our translators.
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  • Skills and experience. Most of our translators hold a degree in their areas of expertise, and/or have vast experience in translating in those areas. This assures both an accurate and natural-sounding translation.
  • Native translators. Our translators typically translate into their native language.

Effective and reliable QA procedures

  • Editing/proofreading. We strongly recommend that all translations be proofread to ensure their quality. The professionals who proofread our translations are as experienced as those who translate the documents. We also use proofreading software to help ensure that the language and formatting within a document are consistent.
  • External review. At random, the quality of some translations is checked by the same reviewers who judge our translation contests.

Terminological consistency.

  • Terminological consistency. For large projects, we can use a glossary that you provide for us, or create a glossary for you (for an additional cost). Use of a glossary assures consistent use of terminology throughout the translation.
  • Software. Our translators use software that ensures consistent use of the terminology included in the glossary.

If you are a regular or returning client,

the same translator or team of translators will be assigned to all your projects to ensure terminological and stylistic consistency.

No machine translation. We do not use machine translation, and we do not ask our translators to «post-edit» machine translations. We regard this as an unprofessional practice that results in translations of unacceptably poor quality.

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