The rates indicated here serve as guidelines only. Actual rates vary depending on the language pair, project urgency, file format, translation volume, number of repetitions, and other considerations. Final cost is determined by our project manager.

Technical, medical, and business documents

The translation fee for such documents is typically calculated per word (usually, $0.15 to 0.25). It may vary depending on the language pair, difficulty of the source text, and complexity of the document layout. Discounts and surcharges apply (see below).

Standard government and personal documents

We charge a flat rate of $40 per page for standard government-issued documents. For other documents (educational, medical, and legal documents, personal letters), we charge per word. Notarization is free.



We strongly recommend that your translation be proofread by one of the members of our qualified professional proofreading team. The editing fee generally amounts to 20–30% of the translation fee.


If you want us to edit your text for grammar, the rate for this service is determined by our editors based on the quality of the unedited text. The editor’s rate for editing may vary anywhere from $0.03 per word in the case of a well-written text needing little correction to $0.15 per word for a text that needs to be completely rewritten.


Editing for style is charged on an hourly basis (with rates ranging from $30 to $60 per hour).

Summarization $7-12 per page

Discounts and Surcharges

Most common surcharges:
DTP services required (+ 0 to 20%)
Urgent/rush project (within 24 hours): + 50% to 100% ($60 minimum)
PDF or other image format (+ 5 to 25%)
Handwritten text (+ 0 to 100%)
Most common discounts:
Large projects
Repetitions (rate for repetitions is 50–70% lower than the basic rate)
Emergency situations or special circumstances (for private customers only; at our discretion)
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