Unless otherwise stated, all translations undergo editing. However, we offer additional editing services if your text in the target language is in need of polish or improvement in grammar and/or style. There are many instances in which this service can make a vital difference in attaining a desired outcome (e.g., dispute resolution, improving readability of academic papers, highly sensitive personal correspondence of any kind).

We are ready to assist:

  • Professionals who have written articles in specialized fields
  • Students looking to improve readability of their papers
  • Pensioners seeking to ensure the clarity of their letters to social services
  • And anyone else who needs our editing services

If you have a strong command of the target language, editing can save you money. Please note, however, that our rates for editing services are not fixed. Editing for style is charged on an hourly basis.

Rates for grammar editing may vary from fairly low in the case of a well-written paper to high for a text that needs to be fully rewritten.


We never edit client translations of government issued documents (birth certificates, marriage certificates, passports, legal documents, etc.).

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