There are instances where you might only need a summary of the content of a document rather than a full translation. Examples of this include correspondence or academic papers that might be relevant to your purposes. We can review such documents and prepare summaries for you at a cost that is considerably less than that of a full translation. After receiving our summaries, you can then determine whether you need complete translations of particular documents.
  • A lawyer, doctor, government agency or any other provider or institution may ask you to furnish translations of a large number of financial, legal, medical or other documents. Most likely, the specialist or agency needs only a few of them. You can save money by providing brief summaries. Later on, we can prepare notarized translations of select documents.
  • Certain agencies and institutions may need to review a lot of documents to obtain some specific information. For example, a health insurance company may receive numerous invoices and receipts for healthcare services abroad. They do not need full translations—summaries would suffice.
  • You need to read a large number of books and/or articles. We can review and summarize them for you, and you then decide which of them you need to review in detail.
  • You wish to determine whether you need a translation of a paper, letter, document or article written in a language that you don’t know.


We are not responsible for any losses occurring from the use of a summary rather than a certified translation. A summary provides only a general idea of content.

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